Splitting dry cuticles? Nourish nourish nourish. Apply cuticle oil to the surrounding skin of the nails and gently rub them in to absorb. Do this as often as you wash your hands. We Recommend CND Solaroil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner. This hydrates the skin increasing the skins flexibility making it less prone to splitting and tearing. Regular use will aid in hydrating the nails also. You don’t shampoo your hair and not condition it? The nails are made of the same thing.


Got a chip on your polish and you don’t have time for a repaint or manicure? Ombre nails!! Find a colour or glitter polish that will beautifully create a gorgeous ombre look.. apply it to the edge covering the chipped polish and using a sponge or brush blend through to the middle of the polish. This can also be done on grown out nail colours. You have an event tonight and you can’t make it to the salon to freshen up your growth. Ombre the cuticle area and blend into the existing polish. One Polish base, TWO styles. :-)


For perfectly painted nails like you get at the salons, avoid polish going on to the skin by applying craft glue around the cuticles.

Apply craft glue (PVA glue) on the skin where you don’t want polish to adhere to and wait to dry. Paint your nails. Once the nails are dry gently remove the pva glue to reveal perfectly painted nails. Add top coat for super shine.

Tip: for quick removal of Glitter Polish manicures dilute PVA glue with water and brush onto nail as a base coat, wait till fully dry then apply coats of glitter polish.




For the smoothest wax possible remember to exfoliate and moisturise the day before. Gently buffing the skin of old skin will help expose ingrown and remove them come waxing. We recommend the Caronlab Milano Mitt.


You can use cornflour instead of talcum to the area about to be waxed for a more natural alternative.

After cleansing your skin using the Caronlab Pre Wax Cleanser, sprinkle a bit of cornflour to the area. This will absorb any excess moisture so the wax and cloth strip can adhere properly.


Remove hot wax from head or clothes easily by allowing it to set. Don’t touch or smear it. Then gently pick it out. Remove residue using Caronlab After Waxing Oil and Moisturiser on hair or clothes and Wax Remover Citrus Clean on furniture and floor.


Remove Strip wax head or clothes using a towel saturated with Caronlab After Waxing Oil and Moisturiser. Product should dissolve easily.




Extend your tan service with a Gradual tan / extender! Simply switch your standard body lotion to a gradual tan lotion that will hydrate your skin as well as build your tan to extend the life of your tan. Sounds pretty amazing! We recommend the MINE TAN 3 – in – 1 Gradual Tan.


Get the best even tan that lasts by following these tips and tricks!


Remember: Spray tans do not protect you from the sun, so please ALWAYS wear sunscreen and protect yourself with sunglasses and a hat.



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